Believe in Ohio provides teachers who choose to participate in the Believe in Ohio program with a comprehensive program support package.  Believe in Ohio is not another unfunded mandate, but rather is a funded opportunity that we encourage teachers to embrace, both for their own benefit as well as for the benefit of their students.

Participation Benefits for Teachers

Be Recognized as  "Accomplished Teachers"

By implementing the Believe in Ohio program in their classrooms, the Believe in Ohio program can help teachers be recognized as  "Accomplished Teachers" under Ohio's new teacher evaluation system by providing a means for delivering differentiated planning, instruction and assessment.

Participation in the Believe in Ohio program also helps address the new Common Core State Standards including the new Technical Reading and Writing Standards.

How Believe in Ohio Helps Address These New Requirements
per Hudson City Schools Curriculum Coordinator, Mrs. Christina Wooley


participating benefits for high school teachers

Receive a Program Support Grant of $500 - $2,500

The following information is an excerpt from the high school Believe in Ohio MOU

Teachers can receive a program support grant of $500 - $2,500 (based on the number of STEM Commercialization or STEM Business Plans their students complete.  Multiple teachers at the same school may apply for these grants.)  The following table is an excerpt from the high school MOU:


Receive a Grant to Fund Awards for STEM Commercialization and STEM Business Plan Competitions at Your High School

Teacher's school can receive a grant to fund awards for STEM Commercialization and STEM Business Plan Competitions at their high school.  The amount of the grant is determined by the number of plans actually completed for all students at their high school who are competing in the competition.  The following table is an excerpt from the high school MOU:


How to Participate In Believe In Ohio's STEM Plan Competitions

Under this option, teachers and their students are eligible to participate in a local competition at their school, and, if their plans are judged to meet certain grading and program requirements, their best plans (usually the top 25% of all completed plans) may be entered into the Believe in Ohio regional and statewide Plan competitions.  

To learn more about this program option or to download the Memorandum of Understanding Local School Grant Application, which must be completed by February 1, 2016 in order to participate in this program.

There are 2 ways the MOU can completed by teachers:


Download Memorandum of Understanding, print, then complete


complete the fill-in Memorandum of understanding, then print

Once you have completed the MOU, please mail to:

Believe in Ohio

1500 W 3rd Ave Ste 227

Columbus OH, 43212


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