Believe in Ohio's Roadmap to Future Jobs and Prosperity Instruction Booklet



This 16 page Booklet includes Plan Preparation Instructions, Competition Awards information, Judging (Grading) Rubrics and much other information about the Believe in Ohio program.  Students should consider it a master source for information and consult it frequently.



Tips for Students Trying to Come Up with an Idea for Their Plan

TIP #1 - Having difficulty coming up with an idea for your Plan? Consider the following:
Start by looking around you at needs that aren’t being fulfilled, problems that remain unsolved, and things that don’t work:

  • Within your personal, work or family life
  • In activities, hobbies or sports you participate in
  • In subjects of personal interest to you

    Then think about recent technology development in fields of interest that could make possible things that weren’t possible before.

TIP #2 – Some things to consider when you are developing your plan idea:

  • Not every idea needs to “change the world” - smaller or simpler ideas are important too, and usually much easier to implement and prototype
  • Not every idea needs to be a “breakthrough, original idea.” Ideas that improve on the existing are important and can become big ideas too.
  • If someone somewhere in the world is already doing something similar, don’t quit your idea. Instead, work to make your solution better than theirs.
  • This competition is about advances in STEM being the basis for new or enhanced products and services. While the advances may be large or small they should be central to your concept idea.

TIP #3 - You will find that your proposed answers under Mileposts 1, 2, 3 will play off against one another on an iterative basis:

  • Does my proposed solution address the problem?
  • Do my STEM concepts support my solution?
  • Do I need to start over to assess the problem, my solution or the technologies proposed to solve the problem?

    Essentially, Milepost 1, 2 & 3 must work together if there is to be a workable solution.

Five-Part Video Series - How to Prepare For and Develop Your STEM Plan

Students may find it helpful to watch a series of short videos done by Believe in Ohio Co-Director John Klipfell that will walk them through the development of your STEM Plan using the “Ohio Roadmap to Future Jobs & Prosperity”.  Each video is only a couple minutes long and they may be viewed on an individual basis or all five in sequence.  So, using Believe in Ohio's “Roadmap” let's journey forward:

Video Gallery

Video 1 - Before starting the journey, let's think about where you want to go and why  (2:40)
Video 2 - In preparation for the journey, let's determine how to get there and what we are looking for  (5:00)
Video 3 - Getting started with Milestones 1, 2 and 3 on the Roadmap  (7:36)
Video 4 - Taking a STEM plan idea on the journey from Milepost 1 to Milepost 8   (11:38)  
Video 5 - Finishing a Commercializable plan by following Roadmap Mileposts 9-12   (6:57)


STEM Commercialization Plan and STEM Business Plan Templates

To help students develop and write a quality plan, Believe in Ohio offers students the following plan templates in MS Word for their use:

Review the 2015-2016 school year judging rubrics below

Commercialization Rubric


Business Plan Rubric