While recognizing that the judging of STEM Plans in local high school competitions can be challenging, it is important that the judging be done fairly and on a timely basis.  Believe in Ohio offers a number of tips and guidelines that teachers may find helpful.

Judging must be fair, timely and use Believe in Ohio rubrics resulting in Superior, Excellent or Good ratings.

General judging rule:

Judge all local student plans with at least two judges who apply Believe in Ohio's standardized grading rubrics. Only plans with an average, judged score of at least 24 grading points (out of 40) may receive a cash award locally.

Judges should use Believe in Ohio's STEM Commercialization Plan Judging Card or Believe in Ohio's STEM Business Plan Judging Card.

 STEM Business Plan 
Judging Card

STEM Commercialization
Judging Card

Judge selection and use:

  • Judges may include teachers and other school personnel not supervising students and members of the local professional and business community.
  • Supervising teachers should always grade their own students’ plans (using the Judging Card) prior to submitting their students’ plans to judges for judging.  Based on their grading of their students’ plans, supervising teachers may use their discretion not to submit obviously low quality plans to the judges, however, any plan that the supervising teacher grades and gives a score of 20 or more (out of 40 points) must be submitted for judging to at least two judges.
  • STEM Commercialization Plan judges should have a science, technology, engineering or mathematics background.
  • STEM Business Plan judges should have a business background and a basic knowledge of science, technology, engineering or mathematics.
  • We recommend that each judge evaluate 7 or fewer plans.
  • Each plan submitted for judging requires at least two judges with the numerical scores averaged to determine ratings of Superior, Excellent or Good.

How to record and report judging results to the Believe in Ohio program for Regional Competition:

  • Submit copies of the cover sheets of all superior-rated individual or team plans within 10 days after local judging but no later than March 22, 2016, whichever comes first.
  • Mark numerical scores and judges’ ratings on each cover sheet.
  • All local Superior-rated plans with 36 points or greater (out of 40) may compete regionally. If this number is less than 25% of all local plans, then submit additional plans up to 25%, provided all local plans submitted have a score of 24 or greater.  Plans must be submitted within 10 days after local judging but no later than March 22, 2016, whichever comes first.