The Believe in Ohio program invites high school and college students, their instructors and the community to take a virtual field trip into the innovation economy of the future through a series of six, free, regionalized, online courses.

What this course is about and why is it important?

Our nation is being challenged on an unprecedented level to maintain its historic prosperity.  In the face of this challenge, over the last decade, the State of Ohio and its regions have been building Ohio s innovation economy of the future.

Today, the State of Ohio offers great promise for students who want to build a prosperous future for themselves by developing an entrepreneurial mindset, working hard, and applying what they are learning to develop the new products and services and jobs of the future.  If you are a student in Ohio and you are not aware how our state is being transformed, how can you intelligently decide where you want to continue your education and build your future? 


What does this course include?  How does it work?

Each regional online course actually includes two components:

  • A four part "Introduction to the Innovation Economy of Ohio" course that includes four series of video lectures that are common to the entire state.  (Content tracks A, B, D & E)
  • A one part "Introduction to the Innovation Economy of Each Ohio Region" that includes a series of videos that reflect the innovation economy of that region.  (Content track C)

Altogether, each regionalized version of the  Introduction to the Innovation Economy of Ohio  course includes 60-90 videos featuring Ohio s leading entrepreneurial and innovative organizations and individual thought leaders who discuss and show how Ohio s innovation economy of the future is being developed.  Course videos may be viewed as part of a structured online course for high school credit, or as individual videos based on viewer interest.  Each video includes an online assessment quiz.  

Course videos can be viewed from the Believe In Ohio website, on regional websites, on iTunes University (for iPhone, iPad and Apple computer users), or on the State of Ohio s iLearn web-based platform.  On the iLearn platform individual student progress and quiz grades can be easily tracked by teachers.  (See instructions for using the iLearn platform for grading at left.)


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Frequently Asked Questions

+ How can students make use of the online course to obtain high school credit for their work?

If a teacher incorporates Believe in Ohio s online course materials or development of a STEM Commercialization or Business Plan into a student s regular in-class work, the student will generally not be eligible to receive additional high school credit for their Believe in Ohio work.

However, if a student takes the Believe in Ohio online course and assessment quizzes and develops a STEM Commercialization or Business Plan substantially outside their regular classroom work (under either a high school teacher or Believe in Ohio STEM Advocate), the student may qualify to receive additional high school transcript credit under Ohio's Credit Flex rules. Note that the decision as to what qualifies for Credit Flex is a local high school decision.

+ Are my students required to take the online course in order to participate in the STEM Commercialization Plan or STEM Business Plan competitions or other Believe in Ohio activities?

No. While we encourage teachers and students to make full use of the online courses, there is no requirement that they must do so to participate in other Believe in Ohio activities.