Believe In Ohio local high school STEM Plan Competition Award rules and guidelines:

Local high school competition award(s) to winning students must always be in cash and should generally be in reasonable amounts (up to $500 per winning plan) the award should be shared equally in the event a student team wins.  Awards should be given to those student plans which have earned the highest scores in their local high school competitions, provided that each winning plan must have earned a score of at least 24 grading points (out of 40), or else no award shall be given.


Believe In Ohio Regional STEM Plan Competition Award rules and guidelines:

Regional competition submission deadlines:  

High schools that participate must electronically submit qualifying plans to The Ohio Academy of Science by no later than March 22, 2016, or else their competition participation will be limited to only local competition awards and their students will not be eligible to compete for statewide scholarships and cash awards. 

Regional competition submission quota: 

All local Superior-rated plans with 36 points or greater (out of 40) may compete regionally. If this number is less than 25% of all local plans, then additional plans may be submitted up to 25% if all plans have scores of 24 or greater.  

Minimum judging requirements at the statewide competition level to receive a scholarship award or a 1st place cash awards:  

For a plan to receive any award at the statewide level, it must receive a judged score of at least 24 points (out of 40).  For a plan author to be awarded a scholarship to an Ohio college or university, he/she must receive a judged score of at least 32 points.  This requirement has been developed to protect the integrity of the awards process to ensure that those plans have distinguished themselves sufficiently to receive one of the top awards.