Recognizing the importance for students to learn about Ohio's Innovation Economy and how to prepare for it, Believe in Ohio was developed to provide a “funded opportunity” for teachers rather than an “unfunded mandate” so as to encourage teachers to participate in the program.  As this is a new program, Believe in Ohio has developed guidelines to help teachers understand how these grants dollars may and may not be used.

In part, we are doing this because you and we have an obligation to be good custodians over the Believe in Ohio funding that was provided by the State of Ohio.  

To that end, we ask you to:  

  1. Use the program support grants for the purpose for which they are intended and not divert them for other uses 
  2. Use common sense.


General Guidelines for Use of Believe In Ohio Program Support Grants:


Acceptable Uses:

The grant is first and foremost intended to underwrite the costs associated with your and your students  participation in the Believe in Ohio program.  By example, this might include the following:


  • The cost of program supplies and equipment for all students (directly related to the Believe in Ohio program) and the cost of building student prototypes or models.
  • Invention disclosure form filing fees
  • The cost of purchasing new curriculum programs and materials if directly related to thrust of the Believe in Ohio program:  STEM commercialization and entrepreneurship.
  • The cost of holding Believe in Ohio lunchtime or after school Believe in Ohio “club meetings”
  • The cost of holding poster sessions and similar programs that showcase your students’ BiO work.
  • The cost of providing additional student recognition and competition awards in addition to the grant funding.
  • The cost of school provided transportation to Believe in Ohio’s statewide competition and Regional Forums.
  • The cost of field trips directly related to the Believe in Ohio program, such as a visit to a 3-D printing/additive manufacturing facility or on-campus discussions with the STEM R&D or Entrepreneurship programs at Ohio colleges and universities. 
  • The cost of any supplemental compensation for teachers to manage Believe in Ohio related credit-flex program. 

As a second priority, the grant may be used for other similar costs as above for a teacher's overall STEM activities (if they are a STEM teacher) or business activities (if they are a business teacher) and so on.

Unacceptable Uses:



The grant must not be used for any of the following types of expenditures:

  • Underwriting the cost of existing salaries, whether it is the Believe in Ohio teacher or someone else.
  • The cost of general travel (such as a class field trip to Washington DC) or any travel unrelated to the Believe in Ohio program.
  • Any other expenditure that you have doubts about.