Understanding The Challenge and Opportunity of The Future

Today's students are living in the most interesting times in the history of the world.  The change that they will see during the course of their lifetimes is simply unimaginable.  Yet, very few students appear to have given much, if any thought as to how all the change that they will see will impact their lives.   And because students generally have not given much thought to the impact that accelerating technological change will have on their lives, they also generally have not given much thought to how they must prepare themselves for the future.  

In the videos that follow, Believe in Ohio Co-Director John Klipfell introduces, then recaps a video titled, “Are You Ready For The Future?  Do You Believe In Ohio?” that powerfully explains to students the challenge and opportunity of the future and how they need to prepare for it.

Mr. Klipfell then introduces Mr. Johnathan Holifield, national expert on the topic of “Inclusiveness Competitiveness,” who asks students the question, “Will you be a competitor or bench-warmer in the innovation economy of the future?"  Few speakers can hold the attention of students like Mr. Holifield does.  

We urge all students and parents of students to view the videos that follow so they can better appreciate the challenge and opportunity today's students will likely experience in the future.

These videos were filmed during a Believe in Ohio Assembly held on December 5, 2014, at Strongsville High School and attended by approximately 450 students.