What Is the Believe In Ohio Program?

Believe in Ohio is a program from The Ohio Academy of Science that helps high school students prepare for the future.  The program was developed in collaboration with Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio with the support of the Ohio Board of Regents and the 130th Ohio General Assembly.  The Believe in Ohio program has three principal objectives:

1.  Help students understand the challenge and opportunity the future presents for them and how to prepare for it through STEM forums, virtual field trips and online courses into Ohio's Innovation Economy of the future.

2.  Help students understand the importance of a STEM education and an entrepreneurial mindset to become competitors in Ohio's Innovation Economy of the future through engagement with STEM & entrepreneurial experts and mentors, and participation in STEM Commercialization & Business Plan competitions.

3.  Inspire students to Believe in Ohio and pursue their education and careers in Ohio by introducing them to Ohio's robust R&D and entrepreneurial ecosystem that offers great opportunities for them to create their future.

Why Should Students Participate in the Program?

From the perspective of students and their parents, Believe in Ohio will:

  • Open students eyes to what students will experience in the future and how to prepare for it.
  • Inspire students interest in STEM where many of the best jobs and careers of the future will be.
  • Plant in students the seed of entrepreneurship to give them the tools to help create their own futures.
  • Provide students an opportunity to compete for cash awards and Ohio college scholarships.

From the perspective of teachers and school administrators, Believe in Ohio:

  • Helps address the challenges presented by the implementation of the Common Core (CCSS) Technical Reading and Technical Writing Standards, the Ohio Core, and the new Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES), and the need for real-world experiential learning.
  • Is a complete, FREE, turn-key program that should not be passed up.

From the perspective of the citizens of Ohio, Believe in Ohio:

  • Helps address Ohio s brain drain by showcasing the substantial benefits Ohio has to offer.
  • Leverages the investments Ohio has made in the future through the Third Frontier program.
  • Will help create the new products, services and jobs in the future that Ohio will need.