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Believe in Ohio Program Update – September 2017

Dear Believe in Ohio Teachers, Supporters and Friends,  

Despite the support of a combined seventeen members of the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio State Senate, and the support from participating superintendents, teachers, and friends, the Believe in Ohio program failed to secure the necessary funding for its continued operation. Simply stated, funding for the Believe in Ohio program was a casualty of Ohio’s much publicized 2017-2018 state budget shortfalls.

The Believe in Ohio program will not be able to fund local, regional, or state STEM Commercialization and STEM Business Plan Competitions this school year.  Although our long-term goal is to obtain funding as a statewide program, this will not be possible for the 2017-2018 school year.  Nevertheless, please encourage your students to pursue a STEM education and to develop an entrepreneurial mindset to become the innovators of tomorrow by continuing to make use of the Believe in Ohio instructional materials and rich video library that will be maintained on the Believe in Ohio website.   www.BelieveinOhio.org

The Ohio Academy of Science (OAS) is proud of the many successes of the Believe in Ohio program and to include it among the Academy’s portfolio of pre-college programs that also includes State Science Day and the Buckeye Science and Engineering Fair.  For more information about OAS programs, please visit www.ohiosci.org or email info@ohiosci.org.

In addition, Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio (EEO) has developed a program called Northeast Ohio Innovates and is beginning a campaign to fund the program.  This new program will use the existing Believe in Ohio curriculum and teacher and student resources and include local competition awards.  Teachers in Northeast Ohio will receive more information about this program opportunity within the next few weeks.

On behalf of the many thousands of students who benefited from the Believe in Ohio program over the last four years, thank you for all that you have done to make this incredible learning experience possible.



Michael Woytek, CEO, The Ohio Academy of Science and Co-Director, Believe in Ohio Program

614-488-2228      mwoytek@ohiosci.org


John Klipfell, Executive Director, Entrepreneurial Engagement Ohio and Co-Director, Believe in Ohio Program

440-821-2357     JKlipfell1@aol.com